Thursday, 27 November 2014


Rimmel Lip Liner in Eastend Snob is something that's been spoken about alot recently, either it's a dupe for the Charlotte Tilbury Liner in Pillow Talk or it's a Kylie Jenner Lip Product.
Eastend Snob is beautiful, nude pink that you can either wear over lip balm on its own or wear under lipstick. Either way it will look gorgeous! It drys matte and is very long-lasting, this is very creamy and feels comfortable on the lips and blends in seamlessly. It isn't irritating or drying and doesn't flake off towards the end of the day when its life line comes to an end. You know what I'm talking about! 

What's great about this liner is that the lid clips on so it won't dry off inside the packaging, and it's a twist up crayon so there's no waste and it definitely won't get stuck inside the lid. We've all been there! The tip is Very small, perfect for getting in corners or your cupids bow. It's something I use more frequently when I want my lips to look fuller but not overly done. 

Wednesday, 26 November 2014


Day to day my bag changes as I'm either swapping bags or depending on the occasion, I pack more much needed junk inside. Have a nose around, take a peak inside and I hope you enjoy! 

The bag itself is from Zara, the Mini Shopper with Pocket in Burgundy I wrote about recently here. With three compartments it's perfect for keeping things separated and organised, two are open but the middle compartment can be zipped up which is great for keeping personal items or valuables. The deep burgundy colour makes it perfect for the Autumn/Winter months but it also adds a statement to any classic monochrome outfit and stands out against the black and white.  

I'm in love with this scarf, because of the grey colour I know it will go with anything and with the added specks of colour running through it I team this with any outfit. It's so cosy and super thick and warm.I've linked it up here! I also wrote a post about it yesterday so you can see the scarf on - linked here. 

The Purse of course has to be Kate Spade, and with it being black I know I will never tire of it and it will go with anything. If I know I'll be running round all day I carry The Nivea Double Effect Deodorant as it keeps things fresh with it's light floral scent. My staple body cream is Palmer's Cocoa Body Butter, I've gone on about this so much I won't bore you anymore - read about it here!  

Of course I need a lip balm, I can't live without one day to day! My current favourite is Vaseline's Queen Bee that I wrote about the other day - find that here.  It's so nourishing with the added honey and smells delicious, it's a shame this is limited edition! Then we move on to my make-up bag, you can kind of guess what's inside there because I tend not to switch-up the products as often as I'd like to but if you'd like to see a 'What's In My Make-up bag' then leave a comment below. 

Tuesday, 25 November 2014


I've finally found the PERFECT Winter Scarf and it was hiding in Debenhams, I literally looked in every shop before I found this one! As soon as I saw it I instantly fell in love, it's just the thing I've been looking for, with an overall grey colour I can wrap this over any coat and it has little specks of colour dotted around so I can team this with almost anything!

It's super cosy and really long so I tend to wrap this round once and still have some leftover to move around and position perfectly. This also has tassles on the end to add a little extra something to the scarf, I'm so warm in this scarf it keeps away that horrible chill that's lingering around. It's just beautiful and I can't bear to go a day without this as it's due a spin round the washing machine soon! I've linked it up here for you guys, but it does look alot thinner online that what it is in the shop!