Tuesday, 16 September 2014


You know the drill, You walk through Duty Free and wish you could buy everything. I must admit, I treated myself to a few things but I think there's a limit and that limit is when you've basically spent everything in your purse and more!

Remember my brush wishlist a few weeks ago? I'll link it here if you don't. But anyway, I listed the MAC 217 Blending Brush as part of my wishlist and it's something I've wanted to buy for a while. Every beauty blogger seemed to have it but me. That is until now, I headed over to MAC straight away knowing what I wanted to buy in my head. Not only did I buy the MAC 217 brush but I also bought a Lipstick in Creme Cup. I'll admit I saw this on Hello October and immediately fell in love with the colour. It's a your lips but better, very natural and subtle but really helps you lips look plump and beautifully nude. It's my new everyday staple and something I'll continually go back to and reach for.

This one I just had to, The Tom Ford Velvet Orchid is a beautiful piece to own, the smell is so distinctive yet subtle and the packaging is like no other. Stunning Gold on Purple just glimmers in the light.

Saturday, 13 September 2014


The one thing I struggle with when I'm going away is Make-up, whether to take it or not and how much I take. I try to take my everyday make-up but then a few little extras, powders, creams and a contrast of dark to light colours. But I need it all compact in order to fit into my make-up bag, plus I know I'm not gonna use alot.
First thing is foundation, one that suits my natural skin tone then another that is slightly darker to suit my tanned complexion and I want something light that I'm used to but also something that will suit my skin type and one that I know I can trust and what my skin gets on with. (Not forgetting the concealer for those late nights and jet lag!)
Next is Bronzers, Blushers and Highlight shades which I need powders and cream versions in most so I can wear some during the day on its own at the pool or at night over my foundation when I want a full face of make-up on.
Eyebrows and Eyeliners are a must when it comes to me as my eyebrows are something I have to have drawn and perfected. I need a coloured gel I can use when I want a more natural look but also a pencil when I need to fill them in after a much needed tweezing session! I need to take a Nude Eyeliner as well to make me look like I've had my eight hours sleep every night and not been drinking or lacking in energy.
I need lipglosses, I'm only taking two this time plus a lip balm because the last thing I want to fuss with is this. I'm taking two Revlon Lip Stains, one a more neutral pink shade and another alot more brighter and out there pink-y red.
And Lastly, Eyeshadows and a mix of colours I can change looks either from a natural bronzed eye or a heavy smokey look. Everything has to be compact and in a palette, that alone makes everything a million times easier! I love experimenting with different looks but don't often find the time but on holiday I want to make more of an effort, but also be able to spend two minutes on my make-up and be happy with it so I can enjoy myself.

Thursday, 11 September 2014


If I said I'm excited that would be an understatement because Today I'm off on my holidays, it's been a long time waiting but it's finally here thank god! Off on a plane to the Caribbean Sunshine, sipping cocktails all day long and laying in the sun catching a tan. (I can't complain!)
Skincare on a plane is a must for me especially on a ten hour flight because my skin dries out and then I turn into an irritable, grump idiot. My choice of hand cream is fairly obvious as this one is a staple for me that is constantly being repurchased. Palmer's Cocoa Butter, it's really moisturising and smells delicious (Like Holidays!)  
Simple Radiance Face Cream is a new find for me but oh man it's a good one, its great for sensitive skin and doesn't irritate or make me feel uncomfortable. Leaves my skin feeling soft, plump and moisturisied and it comes in a 50ml bottle so it's fab for travelling. 
Obviously I'm taking a Lip Balm, I can't stand my lips being dry and cracked especially on a ten hour flight where I have no access to a balm. I always have one in my bag, or on my desk at home even if I'm close to shop I'll go and buy one if I'm in need of one.
Another must on a plane is a Portable Charger in case my iPhone or iPad dies from being used too much, mine is from Asda and it's fairly simple and easy to use and lasts for a few charges. Tissues, because on every flight no matter what my nose runs like mad. I tend to feel like I have a cold on a flight and never have a tissue on hand. Earphone Splitter, just because this is a must when there's two of you and only one of you has the newest music, (and the best I'd like to add!)  
Then there's a Magazine, do I even have to say why. Sunglasses are a staple for when I reach the other end and the sun's shining.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014


You know the drill guys, I needed a new cleanser and I was looking for something new to try and this just happened to catch my eye, (mainly because it was on offer!) 
This is great because it's for sensitive skin so it is gentler and calming on the skin and it's a 3 in 1 so it's kind of a multi-purpose product when it comes to taking your makeup off or wiping away all the dirt you've collected through the day. This is meant to cleanse deep into the skin, remove dirt and make-up and moisturise all in one.
It removes all my make-up quickly without me having to drag at my skin or go over areas where make-up's harder to remove. This is very simple and makes everything quick and easy! It doesn't leave my skin dry or tight, it leaves everything soft and smooth but doesn't strip my skin of any moisture. This cleanser makes the tiring task of taking my make-up off at the end of the day alot less annoying. It's definitely a new favourite of mine and I can never find a cleanser that ticks all the boxes but still leaves my skin soft and clean, this one however does everything I need it to!