Thursday, 23 October 2014



No surprise here that I have big-time holiday blues, it's feeling I can't shake off at the moment. Especially when I left such a exotic, gorgeous island full of lovely people. I love sunning myself while I'm away but that doesn't mean I don't know my limits, day by day I take it easy until I'm a different shade of mahogany! 

Mexico is such a beautiful place I can only recommend, although it's not my first time I've been I still get the same feeling when I leave. I love holidays, I love everything about a holiday. That time of being away from home and knowing you have a period of time where no-one will try to contact you, you don't have to get up for work or school and all you need is your beach bag. I'm already looking at where I want to go preferrably tomorrow but as it turns out it's 2015. *Serious Thumbs down*
Does anyone else get serious holiday blues? I'm so bad for rubbing it in peoples faces but as soon as I'm back and people make a big deal about them going away I just want to punch them, no joke, jealously isn't a beautiful trait of mine. 

Wednesday, 22 October 2014



I love finding new skin bits to try out and see what I love, then some can become staple products in my routine or ones that I know I can always go back to. Some products I've been eyeing up for while, debating whether or not it would be worth the money and the fuss! 

In Autumn/Winter time my skin becomes alot drier so it needs all the hydration it can get, starting from the shower first thing in the morning. If you've been following this blog for a while you'll know how much I love the smell of coconut, it's such a beautiful scent that reminds me of holidays. The Super Beauty Coconut and Acai Shower Gel promises ultimate hydration with the Omega rich Acai and the skin softening Coconut. Sounds delicious! 

My Skin always prefers milk or micellar water cleansers because they remove make-up and dirt but leaves my skin hydrated and plump at the same time. The Anne French Cleansing Milk seems like a really classic, simple cleanser that doesn't over complicate the whole nightly routine.

And Lastly, The Montagne face masks which are always a safe bet when it comes to skincare. They're just so cheap, yet they're so good. I can't explain it. I picked up two which are targeted towards blackheads and giving your skin a deep clean. (Something that I need to keep on top of!)

Tuesday, 21 October 2014


I recently discovered the Collection Eyeshadow Palettes yet only ever tried the Lasting Perfection Concealer, Surprise Surprise!  I recently posted about their Nude Eye Palette you can find here, an array of gorgeous whites, creams and brown shades with great lasting power. I read Amelia's review on the Little Mix Palette and was completely sold, the shade selection is stunning and the price isn't too bad either. (Pats self on back!) 

Six super creamy shades with a buttery texture and great colour pay off, need I say more! This would be a great gift to stick in someone's stocking as a cute little present. This has to be the perfect budget smokey eye palette, or if you're wanting the bronzed goddess look, I haven't found something better than this in the budget beauty market; the shades are b-e-a-utiful, with a variety of matte and shimmer thrown into the mix, what else do I need...

Monday, 20 October 2014



I love wasting my money on beauty products, either new launches or something I've lusted over for months. Not being able to bring myself to pay full price for something unless I've read countless reviews and wanted it for several months, but other than that I usually search different sites for many hours at one time for a must-have bargain. There's always a bargain to be had, right?

I've been lusting over the Tarte Amazionan Clay Airbrush Foundation for a while now, and to go with this I need the Tarte Foundation Brush, Obviously! I chose to go with the bigger Foundation Brush just because I prefer I bigger handle rather than a tiny kabuki brush kind-of-thing! 

I couldn't get over how cute this Bobbi Brown Eye Palette is. With Eight gorgeous shades, tortoise shell packaging and of course in mini version I was completely sold. (I can't handle the cuteness!)
Everyone but me has the Hourglass Blush Palette, yet again, the blush shades are stunning and a set like this is a staple item to have in your stash. 
I was scrolling through a concealer I hadn't already heard of and stumbled across the Make up Forever Camouflage Palette, this one is for lighter skin tones but I chose this one as apposed to the light to medium palette because this one has the green tone rather than a blue, the green with work against my blue-y, purple under eyes. Something I am in need of for sure! 

Sunday, 19 October 2014



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I know what you're thinking, why Kate why! Is it me or is it too early to talk about the greatest of all that is in-fact winter and Christmas time, I'm feeling extra festive recently. Now I'm thinking about it, maybe it is too early, oh well! I'm excited for winter, I'm excited for so much because this time of year is the time that alot of goings-on are happening.

1. My Birthday in November, I'm so excited for my birthday as it's just around the corner and of course it's a big one!

2. Cosy Nights in, this is what Winter is all about especially if I have comfy pyjama's and thick bed socks. The Fire's burning away beautifully, I'm just chilling snuggled under a blanket with my pj's and a good film on.

3. Scarf weather, you know what I'm talking about, technically it's scarf weather now but as it gets colder my scarves tend to get bigger and thicker! I love wearing big, thick scarves during the colder months, they make a big statement to any outfit. 

4. Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Cuppa Soups... Any Hots drinks make an appearance when it gets colder outside, I currently have a cuppa soup on the go. Costa Coffee Christmas menu is the best and Gingerbread Latte's are my favourite when I'm buried underneath a big, tartan scarf with my woolly gloves on all snuggled up. 

5. PRESENTS! Who isn't excited for presents, whether it's receiving them or giving, I'm excited for both. I love finding the perfect gift for someone and making everything look beautifully presented all wrapped up with a pretty little bow to top everything off. 

6. The wellies are dusted off and the Beanie hat is ready is make an appearance, just sayin'! 

7. PLEASE SANTA; LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW, LET IS SNOW! (Oh god, the festive feeling is strong!)

8. The Perfect Winter Coat is what I'm looking for. All I can say is it's long, with faux fur and so darn beautiful. But where can I find it!?